« My Seasons »

A new project involving my own string ensemble, KARAVAN Vivaldi

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« My Venetian roots have always drawn me towards Vivaldi’s music and particularly his timeless masterpiece « The Four Seasons ». I have had the great pleasure to perform these four concerti many times at different stages of my life. However, being one of the most recorded piece of music ever written, I sometimes had the feeling that « all has been said » about this masterwork… Until now.

As we are facing great challenges such as climate change, societal transformation and increasingly fast technological innovations, our relationship towards nature and the seasons is altering faster than ever. With this album, I wanted to present my own vision of the seasons, a contemporary rendition, inspired by a blend of influences I have felt throughout my life from encounters, travels, adventures and experiences.
Starting from Vivaldi’s work and including arrangements and original compositions, ‘My Seasons’ embarks the listener on a vibrant journey through space and time, celebrating the beauty of the seasons.”