Beethoven | Violin Concerto & Romances

Diapason *****

‘His clear, ringing tone, coupled with an ability to play the exposed high passages with pure intonation, are joined to an expressive, unmannered style that can transmit the work’s grandeur and nobility.’ – Gramophone

[…] ‘energised, articulated but neither too light nor lacking power. Possessing style, sonority, musicality, resourcefulness: Lorenzo Gatto is the heir of the illustrious Franco-Belgian school of violin we have been waiting for. His concerto was broad without pathos, his Romances wondrous gems of lyricism.’ – Muzikzen

‘He demonstrates a certain natural elegance and fluidity, actually performing the work rather classically than romantically: Mozart is near at hand and in fact Beethoven, in his ample discourse, somehow prolongs the effect.’ – Artamag

[…] ‘we are treated to a certain freshness and a style that is expressive yet sober. Certain colours in the transitional passages will surprise the listener. Lorenzo Gatto’s violin is consistently resolute, expressive and delicate, his frankness and honesty producing a refined and accurate result. The baton of Benjamin Levy is obviously attentive and comprises a beautiful range of colours and dynamics. A wonderful duo, the sensitive dialogue between the two enabled by an efficient approach to chamber music making. A must-listen!’ – Crescendo Magazine

[…] ‘a musician who combines a personal approach with a solid understanding of the developments in performance practise. Bold, unromantic attacks are derailed in a sophisticated manner to moments where he allows himself to wander off.’ – Volkskrant