Lalo | Symphonie Espagnole

Édouard Lalo made his mark on French music with his opera Le Roi d’Ys, but his instrumental output also has considerable historical importance, with its resolutely innovative aims for its time. More specifically, his concertante music rewards the attentive ear with a brilliant, skilfully constructed style, studded with fresh rhythmic and harmonic inventions that renew the melodic and orchestral language of the genre.

Under the direction of Jean-Jacques Kantorow, himself a violinist and extremely familiar with this repertory, the Liège Royal Philharmonic places itself at the service of the virtuoso fingers of six young promising talents from the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel: this anthology provides an opportunity, notably, to renew acquaintance with the violinist Lorenzo Gatto – who recently released a recording of the Beethoven Concerto – in the famous Symphonie espagnole for violin and orchestra.

Symphonie Espagnole – For violin and orchestra, op.21 (1874)

  1. Allegro non troppo
  2. Scherzando (Allegro molto)
  3. Intermezzo (Alegretto non troppo)
  4. Andante
  5. Rondo